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On average, Americans now spend over six hours a day online! 
We are more connected than ever before.
Online Marketing & Advertising are essential to growing a Local Business.
  • If you’re starting a small business or trying to expand your freelance business, there are many costs involved.
  • Marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be one of them. There are plenty of low budget or free marketing tactics you can use online to bring more people into your orbit.
  • There is a head-spinning variety of marketing tactics you can implement, and you can’t do all of them at once.
  • The best strategy is to take one or two at a time, implement them and track their progress, and then decide which to keep.
  • Then, pick another one or two and soon, you’ll have a whole toolbox of effective marketing tactics at your disposal.
    In this guide, we are presenting five low cost marketing strategies you can implement today to get you started.

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